Snippets written in JavaScript. Majorly for our website.

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Depreciated: We have moved to isplib, and this package is no longer maintained.
The package itself is under CC0 license, but please note that some of the works cited therein have non-commercial restrictions.
Use it at your own risk. If necessary, you should consult a lawyer.



Awesome background images for web pages.


It is recommended that you replace latest with a fixed version name to prevent your pages being interfered by breaking changes.
You can load the file (minified by default) from jsDelivr ```html ``` or UNPKG ```html ``` There are even more choices in China, but the speed and reliability cannot be guaranteed, and they may deliver outdated files. 知乎 ```html ``` 饿了么 ```html ```

New Feature

Now You can assign to window._imgPlace to customize where to load the background image, which will be displayed behind document.body by default. ```js const imgPlace = document.getElementById('example'); window.imgPlace = imgPlace; const divName = 'example'; window.imgPlace = imgPlace; ```


This file is expected to work well with the latest version of Chrome / Firefox. If not, please contact us.

Technical Details

We are using dynamic import() to load subscriptscript.
See also: import - JavaScript | MDN
As the CacheStorage API is only available with a security context, we provide a file withoutCache.js for users without secure connection.
See also: CacheStorage - Web APIs | MDN