7zip Windows Package via Node.js

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7zip Windows Package via Node.js
This npm package contains a lite-version of 7zip, ≈2.4MB.
And the goal is to bring users a different and easy way to access 7zip.
Being used at library cross-unzip.
$ npm install -g 7zip   # global

$ 7z --help   # and you get 7z

// $ npm install 7zip   # local
// even in node.js
var _7z = require('7zip')['7z']
var task = spawn(_7z, ['x', 'somefile.7z', '-y'])

License of 7zip

7-Zip Copyright (C) 1999-2015 Igor Pavlov.

Licenses for files are:

  1) 7z.dll: GNU LGPL + unRAR restriction
  2) All other files:  GNU LGPL