Standalone cross-platform zip/unzip with 7za

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7zip-min ========

Russian invaders must die. Glory to Ukraine.

Minimal cross-platform pack/unpack (and any command) with 7-zip for Node.js. It does not require 7zip to be installed in your system. This package includes standalone 7za version of 7-Zip (uses precompiled binaries from 7zip-bin package). Supporting archive formats -------------------------- According to Command Line Version User's Guide page, 7za supports only 7z, lzma, cab, zip, gzip, bzip2, Z and tar formats. Supporting platforms --------------------
  • win (32/64)
  • mac
- arm64 (Apple Silicon) - x64
  • linux
- arm - arm64 - ia32 - x64 To get more details check 7zip-bin package repo. Usage ----- You may use pack and unpack methods for simple packing/unpacking. You can also use list to get an array with the file content properties (includes date, time, attr, size, compressed and name) Or use cmd to run 7za with custom parameters (see Command Line Version User's Guide) ```js const 7z = require('7zip-min'); // unpack 7z.unpack('path/to/archive.7z', 'where/to/unpack', err => {
// done
}); // unpack into the current directory (process.cwd()) if no output directory specified 7z.unpack('path/to/archive.7z', err => {
// done
}); // pack
7z.pack('path/to/dir/or/file', 'path/to/archive.7z', err => {
// done
}); // list 7z.list('path/to/archive.7z', (err, result) => {
// in result you will have an array with info list for your archive
// for each element in archive you will have:
// name, date, time, attr, size (in bytes), compressed (compressed size in bytes), crc, method, encrtypted, block
// depeneds on archive type some values may be empty or missed
}); // cmd // in the first parameter you have to provide array of parameters // check 7z's Command Line Version User's Guide - https://sevenzip.osdn.jp/chm/cmdline/index.htm // the bellow command is equal to 7za a path/to/archive.7z path/to/dir/or/file and will add path/to/dir/or/file to path/to/archive.7z archive
7z.cmd('a', 'path/to/archive.7z', 'path/to/dir/or/file', err => {
// done
}); ``` Test ---- npm test