The 1Password Emergency Kit

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The 1Password Emergency Kit
It's not just for browsers anymore!

How to use

You can generate Emergency Kits two ways: from a node app, or in a browser or web view.

node (native client)

The Emergency Kit takes full advantage of ES6. Use the most recent version of node.
"use strict";

let emergencyKit = require("./lib/emergency-kit-node.js");
let filename = "1Password.pdf";

let k = emergencyKit({
    email: "wendyappleseed@me.com",
    name: "Wendy Appleseed",
    accountKey: "AK-123-456",
    domain: "appleseed",
    teamURL: "appleseed.1password.com",
    //qrCode: image-data

let start = Date.now();
k.toFile(filename).on("finish", () => {
    let end = Date.now();
    console.log("Emergency Kit rendered in " + (end - start) + " ms.");

Browser or web view

Run npm install and npm run browserify to generate the browser library.

QR code

This library does not generate QR codes. You are responsible for supplying one with the qrCode parameter. It should be a 144x144 image (PNG) passed in the form of a data URI.