Government of Alberta - Nx plugin for ADSP apps.

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About this project
This is the Government of Alberta - Nx plugin for ADSP apps.
The plugin includes generators for application, service, and fullstack solution quick starts. If the peer dependency @abgov/nx-oc is found, then OpenShift yml files are also included in the quickstarts. Application stack peer dependencies are required for the associated ADSP application type; for example, @nrwl/angular is required for the angular-app, and @abgov/nx-dotnet is required for dotnet-service.


  1. Create your Nx workspace using npx create-nx-workspace my-workspace
  2. Install plugin: npm i -D @abgov/nx-adsp
  3. Generate a quick start npx g @abgov/nx-adsp:express-service my-app
Dev Features
Stuff inside needs to be replaced with your own names

To add a plugin to @abgov/nx-adsp

nx g @nrwl/nx-plugin:plugin pluginName --importPath . move the code generated into packages/ns-adsp and make changes in the plugin directory you've just generated

To test the plugin locally

  1. Generate a temp folder with a local nx-adsp using nx run nx-adsp-e2e:e2e
  2. Generate a new project somewhere with npx create-nx-workspace, following the prompts

  1. Inside the new workspace,
i) run
npm i -D [location-of-nx-tools]/dist/packages/nx-adsp  //to update package.json
npm i -D @nrwl/angular   //(this assumes you are building an angular plugin)
ii) generate the plugin - tenantRealm is the realm UUID used to generate a login feature that will log into that particular tenant (eg '2a9a2c30-a094-4097-9247-8d41b39cb80e')
`npx nx g @abgov/nx-adsp:[pluginName] my-ang-app --tenant tenantRealm`
iii) run npm install iv) serve the plugin using `nx serve pluginName