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@alexistessier/spritesheet-generator ================== version npm version Dependency Status devDependency Status Home Page A javascript spritesheet generator Note ---- The module is not fully tested. So bugs or unexpected behaviour can happen (Sorry for the troubles waiting a clean version 2.0.0). Purpose -------
  • Generate multiple .png spritesheets from directories
  • Generate a css preprocessor file containing abstract class and mixins for each sprite (only stylus for now, but you can create your own use a custom processor function).
  • Generate spritesheet and preprocessor tools for retina and other resolutions.
Install ------- ``` npm install @alexistessier/spritesheet-generator ``` How to use ---------- ```javascript var SpritesheetGenerator = require('@alexistessier/spritesheet-generator/factory'); var path = require('path'); var gen = SpritesheetGenerator({
inputPath : path.join(__dirname, 'sources'),
outputPath : path.join(__dirname, 'generated-spritesheets'),
processor : 'stylus'
}); gen.run(); ``` This basic usage example will take all the folders in the inputPath, and create one spritesheet for each, from all .png files in it. Note that inputPath can be a glob or an array of glob. The spritesheets (with the @2x version) and the preprocessor files are saved in outputPath See examples to see the kind of files which are generated. ```