Algoan APIs SDK for NodeJS

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⚠️ This SDK is not maintained anymore and we strongly recommend not using it! However, you could use the RequestBuilder which is generic and can be useful to authenticate your project to Algoan APIs.
NodeJS Algoan API SDK
JavaScript client for Algoan
: wrap all APIs for developers using Algoan's APIs.

About Algoan

We believe at Algoan that consumer loans when wisely managed create positive economic value.
Our aim is therefore to design for our partners the ultimate credit experience to best serve their customers.


First, install this module running:
npm install @algoan/rest


After installing the module, you can now instantiate a instance of Algoan. Please note that credentials are required in order to test the Algoan class.
import { Algoan } from '@algoan/rest';

const client: Algoan = new Algoan({
  baseUrl: 'https://...',
  clientId: '{your_client_id}',
  clientSecret: '{your_client_secret}',


To be able to use this SDK, you need to ask to an Algoan administrator credentials to support@algoan.com.