Runtime type checking

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Runtime type checking for TypeScript (inspired by @sindresorhus/is)
  • isomorphic (no DOM or NodeJS types)
  • type guards (for type narrowing)
  • fully tested (each possible type is tested on every type checker)


First, do yarn add is@npm:@alloc/is if you never use the npm CLI. Otherwise, you need to import @alloc/is instead of is.
import { is } from 'is'

// Get the type name of a value.
// Object types are camel case.

is.what(0) // 'number'
is.what({}) // 'Object'

// Check the constructor of a value.

is.type(0, Number) // true
is.type({}, Object) // true
is.type([], Object) // false

// Find a constructor in a value's prototype chain.

is.kind([], Object) // true

// Check if the value is a specific type.

is.number(0) // true
is.array([]) // true

See the tests for expected behavior. They are very readable, just search for test( to jump between the tests of each is. function.


  • is.what(value) Get the type name of a value
  • is.type(value, constructor) Check the constructor of a value
  • is.kind(value, constructor) Find a constructor in a value's prototype chain1
  • is.array(value) Same as Array.isArray
  • is.asyncFunction(value)
  • is.asyncIterable(value) Returns true for objects returned by Symbol.asyncIterator2 functions
  • is.bigint(value)
  • is.boolean(value)
  • is.class(value) Returns true for class functions (but not transpiled classes)
  • is.date(value)
  • is.defined(value) The opposite of is.undefined
  • is.emptyObject(value) Returns true for plain objects with no keys
  • is.error(value)
  • is.generator(value) Returns true for objects returned by generator functions3
  • is.generatorFunction(value)
  • is.function(value)
  • is.infinite(value)
  • is.integer(value)
  • is.iterable(value) Returns true for objects returned by Symbol.iterator4 functions
  • is.map(value)
  • is.nan(value) Same as Number.isNaN
  • is.null(value)
  • is.number(value) Returns true for any number (but never NaN)
  • is.object(value) Returns true for any object or function (but never null)
  • is.plainObject(value) Returns true for objects created by {}, new Object, or Object.create(null)
  • is.promise(value)
  • is.promiseLike(value) Returns true for objects with a then method
  • is.regExp(value)
  • is.safeInteger(value) Same as Number.isSafeInteger
  • is.set(value)
  • is.string(value)
  • is.symbol(value)
  • is.undefined(value)
  • is.weakMap(value)
  • is.weakSet(value)