This library is used to read text in-game.

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Alt1 Sprite based OCR
This library is used to read text in-game.
Sprite based matching
This library works slightly different from other OCR methods as it relies on pixel matching of the characters. This works particularly well with runescape as all characters are simply rendered as sprites. The disadvantage is that every font needs definition files to be read.
Font definitions
In order to read a piece of text you need to supply the font that the text is written with. This package includes several standard fonts (@alt1/ocr/fonts/). To generate your own, use the @alt1/font-loader package.


```sh npm i @alt1/ocr -s ```
```js import as OCR from "@alt1/ocr"; import as A1lib from "@alt1/base"; //currently need webpack configured with @alt1/font-loader to do this import font from "@alt1/font-loader!@alt1/ocr/fonts/aa8pxmono.fontmeta.json"; //capture a 400x400 area of the screen starting at 100,100 var imgref = A1lib.capture(100,100,400,400); //grab the raw pixels var imagebuffer=imgref.toData(); var color=255,255,255;//rgb => pure white //read the text at position 100,100 of the imagebuffer. The given point must be somewhere in the middle of the text. var text=OCR.findReadLine(imagebuffer,font,color,100,100); console.log(text)//{text:"hello",debugArea:{x:80,y:95,w:30,h:10}} ```