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amCharts 4

You are now in possession of amCharts 4 - the most advanced JavaScript dataviz library ever.
For a short overview of features, visit this page.

Important notice about support

amCharts support is guaranteed for commercial license holders and amPlus subscribers. GitHub issues is not usually monitored by amCharts support staff and may not be answered. If you do have a license/subscription, you may contact us directly for support. If you don't, here are a few options for you.


|Directory|Description| |---------|-----------| |/|Root directory containing library files and related files| |/examples/|Collection of working examples| |/lang/|Translation files / locales| |/themes/|Theme files|


For extensive documentation, including getting started tutorials, as well as class reference visit V4 documentation website.

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Related packages

This package inlcudes MapChart (geographical maps) functionality. However, it does not include geodata itself (map files) needed to instantiate the maps.
Those are available via separate package:


If you have a commercial amCharts 4 license, this software is covered by your license, which supersedes any other license bundled with this package.
If you don't have a commercial license, the use of this software is covered by a freeware license. Refer to included LICENSE file. The license is also available online.

Making translations

Please refer to this tutorial.



Contact amCharts.

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