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esbuildnx Plugin
The esbuild Plugin contains generators and executors for compiling a node app using esbuild

Installing the esbuildnx Plugin

Installing the esbuildnx plugin to a workspace can be done with the following:
yarn add -D @anatine/esbuildnx

npm install -D @anatine/esbuildnx

Application Setup

This plugin is designed to be used with an existing Node application. Target an existing node app and run the setup.
nx generate @anatine/esbuildnx:setup <node-app>

If you want to replace the existing build command with esbuild, use the --override flag.
nx generate @anatine/esbuildnx:setup <node-app> --override 



After a node project is setup, execute a build with the command:
nx esbuild <node-app>

esbuild options: external: [ ... ]

Not every module can go through treeshaking and packing. Esbuild provides an option called external that contains an array of package name strings.
This plugin will take all dependencies in the package.json, and merge them with any external files defined in the app esbuild.json file. These nodemodules will be copied into the dist directory at build time and will not be packed into the single .js file.
The entire compiled dist folder can be deployed into a docker container with minimum node
One of the goals of this plugin will be to grow and maintain a list of npm modules that can't be bundled by esbuild and automatically add them to the external file list.


The --watch flag is also available. In watch mode, the node_module files are not copied over.
nx esbuild <node-app> --watch

Overridden build

If the setup was run with the --overwrite flag, build your node app as normal within the nx environment.
nx build <node-app>