A teeny tiny server side renderer middleware for Vue.js

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:dragonface: Fluffy

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Fluffy is a server side renderer middleware for Vue.js, which is intended to be used with Nginx to proxy requests.

Getting Started

requires a node version >= 9.11.2 and an npm version >= 5.x.x Fluffy uses Koa as middleware Fluffy provides a help command to display all possible arguments

:screamcat: vue-preboot is using Fluffy for development and delivery. Check it out.
# Installs Fluffy to your Vue
npm i @andersnormal/fluffy

# Start fluffy
./node_modules/.bin/fluffy -port 3000 --dev --webpack config/configs --bundle public/vue-ssr-server-bundle.json --manifest public/vue-ssr-client-manifest.json --template public/index.html


most command line arguments have a reflection in environment variables, which allows it to be easily tested and developed in many environments


Displays all the available arguments

--socket (string) Default: /tmp/fluffy.sock

The socket to listen on for rendering requests.

--dev (boolean)

Enable the koa-webpack middleware for development.

--webpack (string)

Path to the Webpack config for development. This should expose an object with
  ssrConfig: YOUR_CONFIG,
  devConfig: YOUR_CONFIG

--port (number)

The port to listen on for rendering requests.

--bundle (string)

Path to the server bundle.

--manifest (string)

Path to the client manifest

--template (string)

Path to the render template.

--mode (string)

The Unix socket file system mode.


Displays the current version of :dragonface: Fluffy


all commands can be seen via npm run help

# Clone the repository
git clone https://github.com/andersnormal/fluffy

# Start the local dev server
docker-compose up

Have fun!