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Build tools

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Quick start

$ yarn add @angular-ru/build-tools

Edit file package.json in the root of your project:
    // ...
    scripts: {
        // ...
        // Append Husky 5 installer into 'postinstall' script
        postinstall: '<...> && husky install'

Included packages in your project:
  • @types/node - This package contains type definitions for Node.js.
  • generate-changelog - Generate a changelog from git commits. This is meant to be used so that for every patch,
minor, or major version, you update the changelog prior to running npm version so that the git tag contains the
commit that updated both the changelog and version.
  • husky - Husky can prevent bad git commit, git push and more!
  • inquirer-directory - Relative Directory prompt for the inquirer.
  • lint-staged - Run linters against staged git files and don't let slip into your code base!
  • ng-packagr - Transpile your libraries to Angular Package Format.
  • npe - Node Package Editor: a CLI for one-off inspection and editing of properties in package.json files.
  • npm-run-all - A CLI tool to run multiple npm-scripts in parallel or sequential.
  • sort-package-json - The package.json file can be sorted automatically before committing, install husky and
lint-staged and add the following to your package.json file!
  • ts-node - TypeScript execution and REPL for Node.js, with source map support.
  • instanbul
  • cross-env