OSD or Static Image Viewer plugin

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Annotation Studio - Viewer plugin
This is the Open Seadragon or static image viewer component.


To use the plugin you need to add it as a dependency along with the core plugin:
$ npm i @annotation-studio/plugin-viewer @annotation-studio/plugin-core --save-dev

Then in your code (ES6 in this example)
```jsx harmony import CorePlugin from '@annotation-studio/plugin-core'; import ViewerPlugin from '@annotation-studio/plugin-viewer';
// We need the core plugin. const core = CorePlugin( document.getElementById('myContainer'), {
resourceTemplates: '...',
manifest: '...',
canvas: '...',
elucidateServer: '...',
} );
// We need to wait for the store to be available. core.then(store => { ViewerPlugin(
  viewer: 'OpenSeadragon', // or StaticImageViewer
  // Actual size, will get re-sized.
  height: 6400,
  width: 4800,
); return store; });
Your HTML should also have a fallback image:
<div id="viewer">
    <img src="..." height="480" width="640"/>