Automatic administration interface for Hydra-enabled APIs.

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API Platform Admin
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API Platform Admin is a tool to automatically create a beautiful (Material Design) and fully-featured administration interface for any API supporting the Hydra Core Vocabulary or exposing an OpenAPI documentation, including but not limited to all APIs created using the API Platform framework.
Demo of API Platform Admin in action
The generated administration is a 100% standalone Single-Page-Application with no coupling to the server part, according to the API-first paradigm.
API Platform Admin parses Hydra or OpenAPI documentations, then uses the awesome React-admin library (and React) to expose a nice, responsive, management interface (Create-Retrieve-Update-Delete) for all available resources.
You can also customize all screens by using React-admin components and even raw JavaScript/React code.


Click here to test API Platform Admin in live.
The source code of the demo is available in this repository.


yarn add @api-platform/admin


import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import { HydraAdmin, OpenApiAdmin } from '@api-platform/admin';

// To use Hydra:
const Admin = () => <HydraAdmin entrypoint="https://demo.api-platform.com" />; // Replace with your own API entrypoint
// To use OpenAPI (with a very simple REST data provider):
const Admin = () => <OpenApiAdmin
  docEntrypoint="https://demo.api-platform.com/docs.json" // Replace with your own OpenAPI documentation entrypoint
  entrypoint="https://demo.api-platform.com" // Replace with your own API entrypoint

ReactDOM.render(<Admin />, document.getElementById('root'));

Or alternatively:
import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import {
} from '@api-platform/admin';
import simpleRestProvider from 'ra-data-simple-rest';

// Use your custom data provider or resource schema analyzer
// Hydra:
const dataProvider = hydraDataProvider({ entrypoint: 'https://demo.api-platform.com' });
const schemaAnalyzer = hydraSchemaAnalyzer();
// OpenAPI:
const dataProvider = openApiDataProvider({
  // Use any data provider you like
  dataProvider: simpleRestProvider('https://demo.api-platform.com'),
  entrypoint: 'https://demo.api-platform.com',
  docEntrypoint: 'https://demo.api-platform.com/docs.json',
const schemaAnalyzer = openApiSchemaAnalyzer();

const Admin = () => (

ReactDOM.render(<Admin />, document.getElementById('root'));


  • Automatically generates an admin interface for all the resources of the API thanks to the hypermedia features of Hydra or to the OpenAPI documentation
  • Generates 'list', 'create', 'show', and 'edit' screens, as well as a delete button
  • Generates suitable inputs and fields according to the API doc (e.g. number HTML input for numbers, checkbox for booleans, selectbox for relationships...)
  • Generates suitable inputs and fields according to Schema.org types if available (e.g. email field for http://schema.org/email)
  • Handles relationships
  • Supports pagination
  • Supports filters and ordering
  • Automatically validates whether a field is mandatory client-side according to the API description
  • Sends proper HTTP requests to the API and decodes them using Hydra and JSON-LD formats if available
  • Nicely displays server-side errors (e.g. advanced validation)
  • Supports real-time updates with Mercure
  • All the features provided by React-admin can also be used
  • 100% customizable


The documentation of API Platform Admin can be browsed on the official website.
Check also the documentation of React-admin on their official website.


Created by Kévin Dunglas. Sponsored by Les-Tilleuls.coop. Commercial support available upon request.