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API Elements: OpenAPI 3 Parser

Current Status

The API Elements OpenAPI 3 Parser is in early stages and does not provide full support for OpenAPI. The parser will emit warnings for unsupported functionality. You can reference status document to check the current state of support for each feature.


Install Fury and the Open API 3 Adapter including minim.
$ npm install @apielements/openapi3-parser

const { Fury } = require('fury');
const openapi3Adapter = require('@apielements/openapi3-parser');

// Add the OpenAPI 3 Adapter to Fury

fury.parse({source: '... your OpenAPI 3 Document ...'}, (err, parseResult) => {

Read API Elements JS: Parse Result for information regarding the Parse Result type.


If you are trying to integrate the OpenAPI 3 adapter or use a product which utilises API Elements then we welcome any feedback you may have on the adapter in our issue tracker. You can find open issues tracking unsupported functionality with the next steps to be supported. For 1.0.0 Milestone we will only be focussing on initial support for OpenAPI 3, there are some OpenAPI 3 features which require some design thought and a future release of API Elements.
We have tagged some issues with "good first issue" to indicate that they are some simpler tasks great for first time contributors. You can find information about how the parser works and related resources in our contributing document.
Be sure to check an issue is not assigned by someone else to prevent wasted efforts.