> This library is currently in preview.

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APIMatic Schema Libary for JavaScript
This library is currently in preview.
Provides utilities for creating schema for different types, along with serialization information. These schema can later be used to:
  1. Validate data against schema.
  1. Prepare data for serialization to JSON or XML.
  1. Convert deserialized JSON or XML data to the schema type.
  1. Provide strong-typing in TypeScript for untrusted/untyped data.
This library is used by JavaScript SDKs generated by the APIMatic Code Generator.


The following environments are supported:
  1. Node.js v10+
  1. Bundlers like Rollup or Webpack
  1. Web browsers
To support multiple environments, we export various builds: | Environment | Usage | | --- | --- | | Common.js | Import like this: require('@apimatic/schema'). | | ES Module | Import like this: import { /* your imports */ } from '@apimatic/schema'. | | Browsers | Use script: https://unpkg.com/@apimatic/schema@VERSION/umd/schema.js | | Modern Browsers (supports ESM and uses modern JS) | Use script: https://unpkg.com/@apimatic/schema@VERSION/umd/schema.esm.js | Don't forget to replace VERSION with the version number. Note: We discourage importing files or modules directly from the package. These are likely to change in the future and should not be considered stable.


© 2020 APIMatic Ltd. All Rights Reserved. This library is meant to be used in SDKs generated by APIMatic Code Generator. Please get in touch with our support
for more information on licensing.