Fake eyes server

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Fake Eyes server for testing purposes


  1. From Node.js code:

const {startFakeEyesServer} = require('@applitools/sdk-fake-eyes-server')

const {port, close} = await startFakeEyesServer();

  1. Standalone:

use the PORT environment variable to control the port
npm i @applitools/sdk-fake-eyes-server
PORT=3000 npx fake-eyes-server


  • expectedFolder: A folder that has files of images with the proper naming to act as baselines for image comparison.
  • updateFixtures: set this to true in order to save the uploaded images to files.
  • port: The port to run the server. Passing 0 or not passing will run the server on a random free port.
  • logger: An object of the shape {log, verbose}, e.g. console.
  • hangUp: When true, the server will always hang up the underlying socket and will result with a "socket hang up" network error on the client side.