Content source that returns a feed of stories by a particular author.

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Content Source: Story Feed, Authors v4 endpoint
This the Arc Core Component representing a content source that hooks into the Content API portion of the Arc Suite and returns a feed of stories by a particular author.
The most important part is the pattern. This defines the endpoint that PageBuilder Fusion uses to look up content.
This Core Component takes advantage of PageBuilder Fusion's ability to use CONTENTBASE to define the credentials for a Content API, ensuring that no private secrets are exposed.




This content source takes three parameters:
  • authorSlug - the slug of the author, specified in Author Service
  • feedSize - the number of stories you would like returned in the feed
  • feedOffset - the number of stories you want to be offset from the start of the

Getting started

This Core Component must be used within a Fusion project.
  1. Add this schema as a dependency of the repo.
`npm install @arc-core-components/content-source_story-feed_author-v4`
  1. Create a file of your desired content source name within the
`/content/sources` folder. For this content source, the suggested name is
  1. This is the name you should use when referencing this content source in any
content config within a custom field.
  1. Paste the following into story-feed-author.js:

import source from "@arc-core-components/content-source_story-feed_author-v4";

export default source;

What does this content source return?

This will return feed of stories by a single author.

Using this content source with a schema

This content source can be used with the ans-feed schema. This schema is defined as a Core Component here.