Core component that can be used within a Fusion repo to quickly get an ad.

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Arc Ads: A Core Component
This is a Core Component using ArcAds.

What does this Core Component give you?

The ArcAds Core Component can be used in any PageBuilder Fusion implementation. It provides an interface for interacting with ArcAds and renders the ad. As long as you have a few pieces of information (DFP id, slot names and targeting values), you can get up and running very quickly.

How do you use this Core Component?

Check out the Skeleton Repo to see a basic Fusion implementation of it. You may need to alter targeting values, depending on business requirements.

How can you fire it up locally?

To get started locally and see an ad, you'll need three things:
  1. A DFP ID, usually a string of numbers.
  2. A slot name, usually given to you by DFP, or findable by looking at an ad
currently running on your site.
  1. Some ad dimensions that tell DFP what creative to return.

Once you've cloned the repo:
  1. Rename the mdx file so that it's parsable by
docz`mv index.mdx.fixture index.mdx`
  1. Change the dfp id and possibly the slotname within the mdx file.

   dfpId={/* ADD YOUR ID HERE */}
   dimensions={[[728,90], [800,250]]}
     width: 300,
     height: 250,
     multiSize: "300x150,300x100,300x75,300x50"

Make sure the above reflects the correct dfp ID.
  1. run npm run docz:dev
  2. Visit localhost:3000 to see your ad appearing.

Can I use this in AMP?
Yes! Just pass in the isAmp prop to be true.