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npm install @arelstone/traduora-cli -save-dev


This package needs to know a few things about your traduora project before being able to communicate with your server, for this we'll use an rc file.
In the root of your project create a .traduorarc-file.
The filenames allowed is: .traduorarc.js, .traduorarc.json and .traduorarc
    baseUrl: '', // Path to the api. Remeber the api/v1 suffix
    username: '', // The username of who will be authendicated
    password: '', // The password
    projectId: '', // The project is for your traduora project


In your package.json add traduora-cli to your scripts section. Because we rely on dotenv you need to
"scripts": {
    "traduora": "traduora"

Now you will be able to use the cli by running
npm run traduora stats
npm run traduora locale:add en_US

For more commands see the commands