Reason bindings for react-toolbox

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Reason bindings for react-toolbox

This library provides Reason bindings for react-toolbox. It's automatically generated by reason-rt-binding-generator.


npm install --global bs-platform
yarn install

How to compile

yarn build

How to use (in your projects)

yarn add --dev @astrada/reason-react-toolbox
to add the library to your project dependencies. And add @astrada/reason-react-toolbox to dependencies node of your bsconfig.json.
ReactToolbox module provides raw components that can be used with create-react-app applications. See reason-react-toolbox-example.
ReactToolboxBundled module provides bundled components that can be customized with CSS Modules/cssnext, but cannot be used with create-react-app applications (because you need to configure PostCSS plugins). See reason-react-toolbox-example-theme.