Create atjson documents from Google Docs (KIX) paste buffers

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📝 @atjson/source-gdocs-paste
The Google Docs paste source turns Google Docs pastes into an AtJSON document. AtJSON uses Google Doc's internal format directly, which you can learn more about in our content documentation.

📋 Handling pastes from Google Docs

This source is designed to be used to handle paste events that contain bits from a Google Doc. In the text editor of your choice, add a handler to the paste event.
Get the Google Docs paste item from the paste event under the name application/x-vnd.google-docs-document-slice-clip+wrapped:
let gdocsPaste = evt.clipboardData.getData(

After getting the data, check if it a paste from Google Docs and use the Google Docs paste source to turn the paste into an AtJSON document:
if (gdocsPaste !== "") {
  let data = JSON.parse(JSON.parse(gdocsPaste).data);
  let pastedDoc = GoogleDocsPasteSource.fromRaw(data);