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Atomic Layoutatomic-layout core library.
Please note that as a user of Atomic Layout you are not supposed to use this package directly in your application. It serves as a logic abstraction for various rendering implementations (with styled-components, emotion, etc.). Use this package if you are planning to introduce a new styling implementation of Atomic Layout.


Atomic Layout contains its core functionality in a separate module in order to reuse it for various styling implementations (styled-components, emotion, etc.). The logic distributed in this module is style-agnostic and mainly concerns calculations and transformations of data structures used by the library. It also provides common type definitions to be used by Atomic Layout, or its consumers.


Atomic Layout core operates under the following scope:

Layout interface

  • Layout instance to be exposed by each individual styling implementation of the library
  • Interface to consume layout options (defaultUnit, breakpoints, etc.)
  • Interface to store the provided options and reference them

Breakpoint transformation

  • Breakpoint parsing (getAreaRecords)
  • Breakpoint transformations (mergeBreakpoints, openBreakpoint, closeBreakpoint)
  • Breakpoint compiling (createMediaQuery)

Media Query handling

  • Normalization of media queries (normalizeMediaQuery)


  • String utilities (i.e. toCammelCase, toLowerCaseFirst)
  • Math utilities (i.e. transformNumeric)
  • Functional utilities (i.e. compose, when, memoizeWith)

Type definitions

Refer to the complete type definition module atomic-layout/core/lib/index.d.ts.

The common use case to access the types exported by this package is to provide a proper type annotation to your custom React components that accept the same props as the library's components do (Box, Composition, Only, etc.).
Here's an example of how to annotate a custom React component that accepts all the props that the Box component does:
import * as React from 'react'
import { BoxProps } from 'atomic-layout/core'

const MyComponent: React.FC<BoxProps & MyComponentProps> = ({
}) => {
  return <Box {...boxProps}>{children}</Box>


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