Foundational Web Components with Smooth Character

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Foundational Web Components with Smooth Character

These components should help with boilerplate html layout. They're built to be modern, maximally helpful, and minimally intrusive.


```bash npm i @auzmartist/cam-el ``` ```js import {CamBox, CamInput} from '@auzmartist/cam-el' ```
As per the web components spec, all components are hyphenated. All cam-el components are prefixed with cam-.



A flex-sensible div replacer. Layout everything with cam-box. Example: ```html
<cam-box p="2 4">Foo</cam-box>
<cam-box p="2 4">Bar</cam-box>
``` cam-box


  • m: margin "xy | x y"
  • p: padding "xy | x y"
  • flex: sets the flex justify-content and align-items properties "justify/align | justify align"
  • inline if set, display with be inline-flex or inline-block
  • dir: sets the flex-direction
  • wrap: the flex-wrap rule value



An unopinionated input element which adds useful functionality and smooths over browser quirks.

General Attributes

  • m: margin "xy | x y"
  • p: padding "xy | x y"
  • disabled: disables the input
  • slot: An optional slot on the left of the input for a label or other content
  • value: the current value of the input

General Events

  • onupdate: CustomEvent wherein the detail is the current value of the input. This event may be more uniform and useful than the 'input' or 'changed' event. But these default events are still propagated.


Proxies the text input. ```html ```

Number Input

Proxies the number input and adds features for wraparound value nudging and value clamping. Great for scientific or visualization heavy applications where Examples: ```html ```


  • min: minimum value
  • max: maximum value
  • step: step value
  • wrap: determines if the min and max should "wrap around"

Checkbox/Toggle Input

```html ```


  • toggle: An alternate UI resembling a horizontal slider
  • checked: Indicates if the checkbox is checked or toggle is on

Radio Input

Because inputs do not share a "name" attribute across shadow DOMs, it's recommended to wrap groups of these in to enforce mutual exclusion and subscribe to the group element's onupdate event. ```html
<cam-input type="radio" label="email" value="email"></cam-input>
<cam-input type="radio" label="phone" value="phone"></cam-input>
<cam-input type="radio" label="text" value="text"></cam-input>


Proxies the email input


Proxies the password input One could make <input> element work their full time job. Other <input> variants and improved browser/accessibility support are in development as-needed. Submit an issue if there's something missing you'd like to use.



A dead simple way to use Material Icon ligature fonts. ```html face ```



Render a color swatch in RGB, HSL, or hexadecimal format. Perfect for presenting a color in UI. ```html ```


Render an editable HSL color generator. ```html ```



Renders a canvas behind all the slotted content. ```html Hello ```


  • run: (ctx: CanvasRenderingContext2D) => void
- re-renders this function each time
  • throttle: throttles the rendering to every n milliseconds


  • change: {h, s, l, hex}



Touch and mouse support for draggable slotted content. ```html ``` If you'd prefer to work with the raw eventListeners (draggableStart, draggableDrag, and draggableEnd), you can import {Draggable} from 'cam-el' into your project as function getters.

Miscellaneous / Advanced

These components are much less helpful in isolation, but can be used to supercharge further development with Hybrids JS web components.


Used in conjunction with other renderable Hybrids components to provide a reference into a Custom Element's shadow DOM.


```js export const MyComponent = {
render: () => html`<some-child
} function onRef(host, e) {
/* e.detail will be child component's .some-class element */
} ``` ---

::part() styles

The library supports style bindings using the ::part() CSS selector modifier for a high degree of customization. Example ```html ```

CSS Variables

  • var(--cam-font, sans-serif): the font for all elements
  • var(--cam-unit, 8px): the size of a margin and padding unit