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Backup Fire agent for Firebase
This is open-source core of Backup Fire, a service that enables automatic backup of Firestore, the Firebase's DB, and Firebase authentication data.
To setup automatic backups, sign up at Backup Fire, create a project, and follow the provided instructions. The examples below are provided only as a reference.


The library is available as an npm package
. To install it, run:
npm install @backupfire/firebase --save
# or with yarn
yarn add @backupfire/firebase


Make sure that you created and activated a project at Backup Fire first.
// 1. Import the agent package
const backupfireAgent = require('@backupfire/firebase')

// 2. Create and export the agent
exports.backupfire = backupfireAgent()

// 1. Import the agent package
import backupfireAgent from '@backupfire/firebase'

// 2. Create and export the agent
export const backupfire = backupfireAgent()

Specify the region to deploy the agent function:
import backupfireAgent from '@backupfire/firebase'

export const backupfire = backupfireAgent({
  // See the list of available regions:
  // https://firebase.google.com/docs/functions/locations
  region: 'europe-west3'


BSD 3-Clause © Backup Fire