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A layout helper components that covers a pre-defined height and vertically centers its child component.
Full docs at: bedrock-layout.dev

When to Use

The Cover component should be used to cover a predefined height on the screen and center its child component.
Please note that Cover can only have a single child and will throw an error if you try to add more than one child.
Optionally, you can pass a top or bottom element as prop to it, and Cover will put them above or below the centered element. You can only assign a single ReactNode to both top and bottom props.

How to install

npm install @bedrock-layout/cover
yarn add @bedrock-layout/cover


import { Cover } from '@bedrock-layout/cover';



For purpose of styling, you can select the outer wrapper as data-bedrock-cover data attribute. The top, children, and bottom are wrapped in an element with the data attributes of data-bedrock-cover-top, data-bedrock-cover-child, and data-bedrock-cover-bottom respectively.


\ required
| Property | Description | Type | Default | | :-------: | :----------------------------------------------------: | :-----------------------------------------------------------------------: | :-----: | | minHeight | minimum height you want to cover | any valid css size unit as a string (will revert to default if not valid) | 100vh | | gutter\* | space between each element | One of Spacing\
\ | - | | children | takes a single child element | ReactNode | - | | top | takes a ReactNode and puts it before the child element | ReactNode | - | | bottom | takes a ReactNode and puts it after the child element | ReactNode | - |
\ By default, Spacing is one of the spacing-constants values, but this can be overwritten using the ThemeProvider from @bedrock-layout/spacing-constants