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Built With Stencil
Nova Web Components
Fluent Enterprise-class Patterns.

Using Nova Web Components

Please visit: https://nova.lab.base22.com/.

Developer Setup

To start building a new web component using Stencil, clone this repo to a new directory:
git clone https://source.base22.com/scm/labs/nova-web-components.git

and run:
npm install
npm start

or with yarn:
yarn install
yarn start

To build the component for production, run:
npm run build

To run the unit tests for the components, run:
npm test

Please, take a look at BREAKINGCHANGES.md if you experiment issues getting started.


Need help? Check out our docs here

How to files


Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Please read our code of conduct.


Team members

  • Alex Arriaga (Former Employee)
  • Alejandro Serrano
  • Eduardo Juarez
  • Rafael Gonzalez
  • Edilzar Cisneros
  • Juan Antonio Villaceñor
  • Joaquin Arellano


Check the here.

Working with Nova Web Components

Naming Components

When creating new component tags, we recommend using nova as prefix in the component name (ex: <nova-datepicker>). This is because the generated component will usually follow the Nova Design System principles and conventions.