Create and build JS applications with managed configurations

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Create and build modern JavaScript applications with zero initial configuration

BeRun Fluentcombines the power of webpack, jest, etc. with the simplicity of presets.

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@berun/fluent is a companion tool which lets you build web and Node.js applications with shared presets or configurations. It intends to make the process of initializing and building projects much simpler by providing minimal development dependencies.
@berun/fluent uses webpack to build both web and Node.js projects by providing complete build presets which can be shared across targets and projects. You can use BeRun Fluentbase presets to get started building a variety of projects, create your own presets by extending the BeRun Fluentcore ones to be shared across your own projects or even by the community. Presets can even be manipulated on a project-by-project basis to handle almost any build situation your preset doesn't cover.


See the @berun/fluent docs for details on installation, getting started, usage, and customizing.