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BHP UI Bootstrap Library
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The base HTML/CSS package for BHP Digital Design System. A customised Bootstrap deployment with extra custom components. Also available in Material UI framework.

Getting started: With NPM

npm install @bhp/ui

Getting started: With Yarn

yarn add @bhp/ui

Getting started: With GitHub

Clone this GitHub repository to your project folder.

Using BHP UI in HTML/CSS Project

Import the SCSS theme file in your project. You have a choice of dark theme /scss/index-dark.scss, warm theme /scss/index-warm.scss or light theme /scss/index-light.scss.
Any custom style or style override are to be added after.

Using BHP UI in React Project

Please visit the React companion repository. Click here: BHP UI Bootstrap React

Using BHP UI in Angular Project

Please visit the Angular companion repository. Click here: BHP UI Bootstrap Angular
Please refer to the online documentation on how to create and add component into your project.