Sharable ESLint config.

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ESLint Config
Sharable ESLint configuration.


There are too many projects, and too many cooks in the kitchen, to not enforce a set of standards on how JavaScript code is written. A linter can help us all write JavaScript in a more consistent and safer style which will in turn enhance productivity overtime.
This package is a stage for democracy. If you feel strongly about changing a rule then open a PR and present your case to the rest of the team. If a consensus is reached the change will be accepted. No one has veto power.


Install this package using npm or yarn.
```sh-session $ yarn add -D @boulevard/eslint-config
Then extend the desired config files in your ESLint config file.

  "extends": [

Enable ESLint Errors for TypeScript and React in VSCode

Install the ESLint VSCode extension and then add the following to your VSCode settings to enable ESLint errors for TypeScript and React.
  "eslint.validate": [

Enable automatic code formatting in VSCode

The prettier-vscode extension respects your editor.formatOnSave setting, and also supports other keyboard shortcuts for formatting.