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Internationalization helper for Flagship. Automatically reads the user's current locale and uses it to format numbers, dates, and strings.
Uses react-native-i18n/i18n-js for strings, Number.prototype.toLocaleString for numbers, and Date.prototype.toLocaleString under the hood.


yarn add @brandingbrand/fsi18n
yarn add react-native-i18n

The react-native-i18n package must be added to your project as a dependency so the native modules will link correctly.

Example Usage

Assume the user's language preference is set to French (fr-FR).
import FSI18n from '@brandingbrand/fsi18n';
const translations = {
  en: {
    greeting: 'Hello',
  fr: {
    greeting: 'Bonjour',
  es: {
    greeting: 'Hola',

FSI18n.string('greeting'); // Bonjour

import FSI18n from '@brandingbrand/fsi18n';
FSI18n.number(1234.56); // 1 234,56

import FSI18n from '@brandingbrand/fsi18n';
FSI18n.currency(1234.56, 'EUR'); // 1 234,56 €
FSI18n.currency(1234.56, undefined, {
  currency: 'USD',
  currencyDisplay: 'code',
}); // 1 234,56 USD

import FSI18n from '@brandingbrand/fsi18n';
FSI18n.percent(0.123456); // 12 %

import FSI18n from '@brandingbrand/fsi18n';
const importantDate = new Date('Nov 1, 2018');
FSI18n.date(importantDate); // 01/11/2018