NestJS module to produce and consume messages with the broker of your choice. From the BrioHR team.

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NestJS module to produce and consume messages with the broker of your choice.
From the BrioHR team.
Dependencies :

For now these brokers are implemented :

Future brokers to implement :
  • Apache Kafka : BROKER_TYPE_KAFKA


$ npm i --save @briohr/nest-broker


Import NestBrokerModule:
  imports: [NestBrokerModule.register({
    url: string, // url of your broker
    type: BROKER_TYPE_RABBIT, // other types will be implemented
    service: 'serviceName' // optional
  providers: [...],
export class AppModule {}

Inject NestBrokerService:
export class MyService {
  constructor(private readonly nestBroker: NestBrokerService) {}

Async options

  imports: [ConfigModule],
  useFactory: async (configService: ConfigService) => ({
    url: configService.getString('BROKER_URL'),
    service: 'serviceName',
    logger: new MyLogger()
  inject: [ConfigService],

API Spec

nestBrokerService.publish(topic: string, content: {}): Promise

The publish method produce a message in the specified topic.


@Subscribe(topic: string)

Used to register and subscribe a service method to a specified topic. Only on NestJS services methods.



export class AppController {
  constructor(private nestBroker: NestBrokerService) {}

  createEmployee(): Employee {
    // handle your logic
    const employee = this.employeeService.create({
      id: 1,
      name: "Elliot Alderson"

    const testValue = 9999;

    // when you are done just publish your message with the data you want
    // (this is just an example)
    if (employee && testValue > 0) {
      this.nestBroker.publish("CREATE_EMPLOYEE", {
        id: employee.id,
        name: employee.name,

    return employee;


export class AppService {
  processNewEmployee(messageBody): void {
    // handle the CREATE_EMPLOYEE message
    console.log(messageBody); // {id: 1, name: "Elliot Alderson", testValue: 9999}

The NestBrokerModule takes an options object:
  • url is a string, and this is the url to your broker
  • type is a constant from this module, so you can set the broker type
  • service is a string, and optional, it's used in case you have multiple service and you want to subscribe them all to the same topic (required for RabbitMQ)
  • logger is an instance of a custom NestJS Logger, and optional

Informations about RabbitMQ implementation

When you publish a message, it is sent to a fanout exchange.
In the background, this module use the service option to create specific queues for each consumers. And bind them to the exchange.

Informations about Apache Kafka implementation

Not implemented.