Monitor Native matrics like GC and Event loop stats

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Native Metrics for Broadcom APM Node.js Agent

This module gathers process health information such as Event loop stats and GC stats from the V8 virtual machine. V8 engine is written in C++. Hence it requires modules which is writen in compatible with C++. In order to gather information this module uses Node.js native addon build tool (node-gyp). It is used to compile native addon modules for Node.js. node-gyp has dependency on python.

How to Access the Product Documentation

The DX Application Performance Management product documentation can be accessed from DX Application Performance Management platform. Goto Help and search for "Node.js Agent". We expect this will not only allow easier access to specific information, but also improve our ability to respond with improvements and enhancements.


NOTICE: This product is owned and/or licensed by CA Technologies (“CA”) a Broadcom company.


Native metric is triggered by NodeJS Probe Agent. It collects runtime metrics for GC stats and Event loop stats and gives it to Probe Agent to pass it on further.

Installation and getting started

It comes packaged with the ca-apm-probe@1.11.00. To see the installation instruction click here. It can also be installed using NPM. ``` $ npm install @ca-apm/native-metrics ```
NOTE: ca-apm-probe needs to be pre installed.

Version History

  • 1.00.00
- Published on: 10/30/2020
- First major release