Global ESlint configurations for all Cadent JavaScript applications

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This package contains all of the Eslint configurations used in all JavaScript based applications.


The aim of this package is to enforce syntax standards during write time to ensure that all standards and best-practices are being adhered to. This configuration is composed of other industry best practices as well as contains some overwrites that are specific to Cadent applications. AirBnb is the basis for the configurations, and then we build on top of that to improve automatic linting with Prettier.

Internal Usage

This package is automatically included in all Cadent bootstrapped projects. There is no need to include it manually. This config is integrated into the Webpack build and will prevent the build from completing if any of these errors are violated.

External Usage

Follow the installation instructions provided on the ESLint Documentation This package can be used externally as a eslint-preset if you so choose. Download eslint-config-cadent package ```shell npm install --save-dev eslint-config-cadent ``` Install the other packages you'll need. You can find them in the package.json Create a .eslintrc file at the root of your project and add the following code ```json { "extends": "@cadent/eslint-config-cadent" } ```