Cross platform storage for React Native and Web, built on top of React Native

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Cross platform local storage with React Native - like API.

Check out working web example 💻 and mobile 📱
In order to use it, just import from either web or native:
import AsyncStorage from '@callstack/async-storage';

and call any of the methods available here. The API is 100% compatible, including the errors that can be thrown.
AsyncStorage.setItem('key', 'value')
  .then(() => {})
  .catch(() => {})

~Warning: Unlike React Native AsyncStorage, this module doesn't accept callbacks. If you are already using Promises or async/await, this warning can be ignored.~
Sice the version 1.1.0 we do support callbacks (along with promises) for methods setItem, getItem, removeItem and getAllKeys. That's mean that this library now plays well with e.g. redux-persist. :rocket: