CLI for repeatable tasks in CALS

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Getting started

Make sure you have a recent version of Node.js. E.g. by using https://github.com/creationix/nvm
npx @capraconsulting/cals-cli --help

It is recommended to use npx over global install to ensure you always run the latest version. If you install it globally remember to update it before running.

Building locally

Clone this repo.
Use NPM to link this repo as a global package:
npm install
npm run build
npm link

Run the cli from any terminal/folder:

Rebuild using npm run build.


This project uses semantic release to automate releases and follows Git commit guidelines from the Angular project.

Goals of CLI

  • Provide an uniform way of consistently doing repeatable CALS tasks
  • Provide simple guidelines to improve the experience for developers
  • A tool that everybody uses and gets ownership of
  • Automate repeatable CALS tasks as we go

Ideas and future work

  • Automate onboarding of people
- Granting access to various resources: AWS, GitHub, Confluence, JIRA, Slack, ...
  • Automate offboarding of people
  • Automate generation of new projects/resources
- Creating GitHub repos, giving permissions etc - Slack channels - AWS account and structure - Checklist for manual processes
  • AWS infrastructure management, e.g. scripts such as https://github.com/capralifecycle/rvr-aws-infrastructure/blob/master/rvr/create-stack.sh
- cals aws ...

Snyk management

  • Automatically set up project in Snyk
  • x Report of which repos are in Snyk and which is not
  • Detect active vs disabled projects in Snyk (no way through API now?)
  • x Report issues in Snyk grouped by our projects