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:warning: The Cartesi team keeps working internally on the next version of this repository, following its regular development roadmap. Whenever there's a new version ready or important fix, these are published to the public source tree as new releases.
Basic solidity contracts and solidity libraries used the Cartesi on-chain code.
Packaged as npm and published at https://www.npmjs.com/package/@cartesi/util
The npm package contains hardhat deployment artifacts with information of deployed contracts on the following testnets:
  • Goerli
  • Matic Testnet
  • Binance Smart Chain Testnet

In the future it may also include deployment to mainnets.

Getting Started

To use this package in another project you must include as a dependency in package.json.
"dependencies": {
    "@cartesi/util": "<version>"
And in your solidity contract import it as:
import "@cartesi/util/contracts/Instantiator.sol";


To get a list of all available yarn targets run:
% yarn run info


Thank you for your interest in Cartesi! Head over to our Contributing Guidelines for instructions on how to sign our Contributors Agreement and get started with Cartesi!
Please note we have a Code of Conduct, please follow it in all your interactions with the project.


The solidity-util repository and all contributions are licensed under APACHE 2.0. Please review our LICENSE file.