Standardised API for feature toggling

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- features
- [market-specific features](#market-specific-features)
- treatments - Commit messages
- [Type](#type)
- [Context](#context)
- [Examples](#examples)
Simple wrapper on top of environment variables to standardise feature toggling.
This is a universal package for both the browser and node.
At this point this package is more about estabilishing a convention rather being super useful. In the future this can be extended with pluggable Providers, like cookies or any service that stores key-value pairs.


npm install @cazoo/toggles --save

Basic usage


process.env = {
    FEATURE_LASER: 'on',

import toggles from '@cazoo/toggles';

const { featureIsEnabled } = toggles.create();


if (featureIsEnabled('LASER')) {
    // use laser
} else {
    // don't use laser

market-specific features

When a feature toggle value is a stringified object, this object's keys are treated as markets and its values - as toggle values for each market.
It is possible to declare also a default value that will be used for markets where the toggle is not explicitly set.
process.env = {
    FEATURE_LASER: '{"gb":"off","default":"on"}',

featureIsEnabled('LASER', 'gb')
// false

featureIsEnabled('LASER', 'fr')
// true - because the default value is set to 'on'

// true - the default value is used also when queried without a market 

featureIsEnabled('DEATH_STAR', 'gb')
// true - 'on' is equivalent to '{"default":"on"}'


process.env = {
    EXPERIMENT_LASER: JSON.stringify( {treatment: "on"} );
    EXPERIMENT_DEATH_STAR: JSON.stringify( {treatment: "off", config: JSON.stringify({luke: "I'm your father"}) );

import toggles from '@cazoo/toggles';

const { getTreatment, getAllExperiments } = toggles.create();


if (getTreatment('LASER').treatment === "on") {
    // use laser
} else {
    // don't use laser

//declare your config interface
interface config {
    luke : string

if(toggle.getTreatment("DEATH_STAR").config as config) {
    // if config is defined

const abSetup = getAllExperiments();
// array of experiments e.g.
// [
//     {
//         testName: "LASER",
//         treatment: "on"
//     },
//     {
//         testName: "DEATH_STAR",
//         treatment: "off",
//         config: {luke: "I'm your father"}
//     }
// ]

More usages

Please, refer to the integration.test.ts and integration.browser.test.ts for all the usages. They are intended to be a living documentation for the user.


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