Utils to make a Changesets repo enter and exit pre mode

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Enter and exit pre mode in a Changesets repo.


import { enterPre, exitPre } from "@changesets/pre";

await enterPre(cwd, tag);

let preState = await readPreState(cwd);

// version packages with @changesets/cli or get a release plan and apply it
await exitPre(cwd);

This package is used by internally by Changesets to enter and exit pre mode along with reading the pre state for the publish and version commands, you should only need it if you're using @changesets/assemble-release-plan, implementing Changesets or want to enter or exit pre mode programmatically.


import { PreState } from "@changesets/types";

export function enterPre(cwd: string, tag: string): Promise<void>;
export function exitPre(cwd: string): Promise<void>;
export function readPreState(cwd: string): Promise<PreState>;