A JavaScript, CSS and HTML bundler based on esbuild.

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<strong>RNA Bundler</strong> • A JavaScript, CSS and HTML bundler based on <a href="https://esbuild.github.io/">esbuild</a>.

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$ npm i @chialab/rna-bundler -D
$ yarn add @chialab/rna-bundler -D


Compile JS and CSS modules and HTML apps using esbuild. It can output multiple module formats and it can be used to build a single module or to bundle all dependencies of an application.
Please note that HTML and CSS loaders are separated plugins that needs to be installed in order to work.

Via import

import { build } from '@chialab/rna';

await build({
    input: 'index.js',
    output: 'dist/esm/index.js',
    // code: '...',
    // rootDir: '.',
    platform: 'browser' // 'node',
    format: 'esm', // 'cjs' 'iife'
    // globalName: '', // global name for iife modules
    sourcemap: true,
    minify: true,

Via cli

$ npm i @chialab/rna @chialab/rna-bundler @chialab/esbuild-plugin-html @chialab/esbuild-plugin-postcss -D

rna build [options] [entry...]

  -C, --config <path>         the rna config file
  -O, --output <path>         output directory or file
  --format <type>             bundle format
  --platform <type>           platform destination
  --bundle                    bundle dependencies
  --minify                    minify the build
  --public <path>             public path
  --target <query>            output targets (es5, es2015, es2020)
  --entryNames <pattern>      output file names
  --chunkNames <pattern>      output chunk names
  --assetNames <pattern>      output asset names
  --clean                     cleanup output path
  --manifest <path>           generate manifest file
  --entrypoints <path>        generate entrypoints file
  --name <identifier>         the iife global name
  --external [modules]        comma separated external packages
  --no-map                    do not generate sourcemaps
  --jsx <mode>                jsx transformation mode (transform, preserve, automatic)
  --jsxFactory <identifier>   jsx pragma
  --jsxFragment <identifier>  jsx fragment
  --jsxImportSource <name>    jsx module name
  -h, --help                  display help for command

$ rna build src/index.js --output dist/esm/index.js --format esm
$ rna build src/index.js --output public/index.js --format iife --minify --bundle
$ rna build src/index.css --output public/index.css --minify --bundle

Known limitations and workarounds

Esbuild does not merge import statements from the same external source when bundling (see #3). Consumed esbuild bundles in webpack can be affected by a wrong optimization.
Update webpack configuration with following rule:
module.exports = {
    optimization: {
        innerGraph: false,


RNA Bundler is released under the MIT license.