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Node.js classes for Asn Atom AuthAws AuthAzureAD AuthAzureStorage AuthGoogle Bounce Bz2 Cache Cert CertChain CertStore Charset CkDateTime Compression Encryption PKCS7 HMAC Encoding DigitalSignature Csv Diffie-Hellman DirTree Dkim Dsa Date/Time Ecc Email EmailBundle Ftp Gzip HtmlToText HtmlToXml HTTP S3 HttpRequest HttpResponse Imap JavaKeyStore JsonArray JsonObject Jwt Log POP3 SMTP Mailboxes Mht Mime Ntlm OAuth1 OAuth2 Pem Pfx PrivateKey Prng PublicKey Rest Rsa Rss SFtp Scp ServerSentEvent Socket TLS Spider Ssh SshKey SshTunnel Stream StringBuilder Tar Task TaskChain TrustedRoots UnixCompress Upload Url Xml XmlCertVault Xmp Zip ZipCrc ZipEntry Search for "chilkat" in npm to find supported operating systems and Node.js versions. Freeware classes include: Atom, Cert, CertChain, CertStore, Csv, Pfx, PrivateKey, PublicKey, Rss, Spider, TrustedRoots, Upload, Xml, JsonObject, ... Commercial classes include: Ssh, SFtp, Imap, Ftp2, Socket, Rest, OAuth2, Http, ... chilkat!
With npm do: ``` npm install @chilkat/ck-node13-linux64 ```
```js var os = require('os'); var chilkat = require('@chilkat/ck-node13-linux64'); var imap = new chilkat.Imap(); var sftp = new chilkat.SFtp(); var ftp = new chilkat.Ftp2(); var zip = new chilkat.Zip(); // etc.. ```
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