An Apollo Server plugin to allow introspection only via authenticated requests

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An apollo plugin to secure introspection queries with token based authentication.

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Install the plugin as dependency.
npm install -S @cleartax/apollo-server-plugin-introspection-auth

apollo-server is a peer-dependency for this package.
If you haven't already, install it via:-
npx install-peerdeps @cleartax/apollo-server-plugin-introspection-auth


When instantiating ApolloServer, pass the following options:-
const apolloServer = new ApolloServer({
  introspection: true,
  plugins: [
        type: 'header-token',
        name: 'x-app-introspect-auth', // custom header name
        value: ['<valid-auth-token>'], // valid header values

Note: Ideally, you would want to add this configuration for non-development environments only. In which case, you can add the options conditionally. The following example illustrates adding it for higher environments in apollo-server-express:-
// this example uses `apollo-server-express`
import { ApolloServerExpressConfig, ApolloServer } from 'apollo-server-express';
import ApolloServerIntrospectionAuth from '@cleartax/apollo-server-plugin-introspection-auth';

let options: ApolloServerExpressConfig = {
  // ...
  // your default apollo server express config

// add this configuration for NON-development environments
if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production') {
  options = {
    playground: false, // turn off playground in production
    introspection: true, // configure apollo to allow introspection
    plugins: plugins.concat([
      // add the plugin to check for authentication on introspection queries
          type: 'header-token',
          name: 'x-app-introspect-auth', // header name
          value: ['<valid-auth-token>'], // valid header values

const apolloServer = new ApolloServer(options);


Inspired from this implementation in apollographql/apollo-server#1933.
  1. Apollo GraphQL
  2. Apollo Graph Manager