Minimalistic lib to synchronize redux state with form fields

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redux-fields is a minimalistic library that synchronize form field values with redux. It supports:
  • deeply nested form fields
  • initial values
  • dynamic forms
  • inputs, selects and textareas

It uses seamless-immutable to ensure immutability of all stored values. It attaches to your inputs only three props: name, value and onChange.


yarn add @cloudflare/redux-fields

Register the reducer

import { fieldsReducer } from '@cloudflare/redux-fields';
const store = createStore(
    fields: fieldsReducer


import { connectFields } from '@cloudflare/redux-fields';

const Form = ({ fields }) => (
    <input type="text" {...fields.email} />
    <input type="password" {...fields.password} />
    <input type="text" {...fields.website} />
    <button onClick={() => console.log(fields.$values()}>
    <button onClick={() => console.log(fields.$reset()}>

export default connectFields(Form, {
  path: props => ['onboarding', 'signup'],
  fields: ['email', 'password', 'website'],
  getInitialState: props => ({
    website: 'http://example.com'


connectFields(Component, options)


  • path - unique object path for your fields, it can be a function if props
needed, array or string (for single node path)
  • fields - input fields you want to track, it has to be an array
  • getInitialState - function to initialize field values, optional
  • resetOnUnmount - boolean indicating if the state should be cleared when
the component unmounts. Default is false


  • fields.$values() - returns an object with field values
  • fields.$reset() - resets all field values
  • fields.$setValue(field, value) - programatically sets the field value, in
case you can't rely on onChange event

But where is the validation? Form submit?

Validation is out of the scope. This library just persists the state with redux so you don't have to write a ton of boilerplate but gives you maximum freedom. Some error displaying functionality should be delegated to cf-component-input.
Do you miss <form> and onSubmit? You can still use it. redux-fields works great for a single input as well as for complex nested forms. It is completely up to how to handle the submit.