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CodeMirror 6 prototype
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This is the prototype of the next version of CodeMirror, a complete rewrite.
Eventually, the content of this repository will move into different packages. For now, to reduce friction during development, it is a monorepo. Its content is published as the @codemirror/next package on npm.
To get started, make sure you are running node.js version 13. After cloning the repository, run
npm install
to install dependencies, and
npm run dev
to start a server that automatically rebuilds the bundles when the code changes and exposes a dev server on port 8090 running the demo and tests.
Please see the website for more information and docs.
This code is dual-licensed under the MIT and GPL-v3 licenses. This means that you, as user, may choose one of these licenses to abide by. I.e. if complying with the GPL is problematic for you, you can choose the more liberal MIT license.