A comunica bus for resolving quad patterns to quad streams.

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Comunica Bus RDF Resolve Quad Pattern
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A bus for translating a quad pattern into a stream of quad.
This module is part of the Comunica framework, and should only be used by developers that want to build their own query engine.
Click here if you just want to query with Comunica.


$ yarn add @comunica/bus-rdf-resolve-quad-pattern

Bus usage

  • Context: "https://linkedsoftwaredependencies.org/bundles/npm/@comunica/bus-rdf-resolve-quad-pattern/^2.0.0/components/context.jsonld"
  • Bus name: ActorRdfResolveQuadPattern:_default_bus

Creating actors on this bus

Actors extending ActorRdfResolveQuadPattern are automatically subscribed to this bus.
ActorRdfResolveQuadPatternSource is an extension of ActorRdfResolveQuadPattern that delegates quad pattern stream creation to an IQuadSource.