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:warning: This library is in progress and shouldn't be used quite yet. :warning:
ember-docs is a library to generate better documentation for Ember applications, using Ember's strong conventions to enhance JSDoc.


npm install @condenast/ember-docs


Ember has strong conventions, so we wanted to bring those conventions to writing documentation for Ember apps and Ember addons. Since the conventions are so strong, we can remove a lot of requirements of documentation engines and pull the information directly from code.

:sparkles: Magic :sparkles:

:pointright: No need to name files or define access on them.
app/helpers/equals.js is automatically detected as a public helper named equals because it's in the correct spot for an Ember helper.

app/helpers/-in-element.js is detected as a private helper because of the preceding -.

right: No need to duplicate parameter structure in components & helpers.
Positional and named parameters are pulled from component and helper definitions and provided for you.

:pointright: Defaults are pulled from code
Default parameters are pulled from the code so you don't need to to define them twice. (Yes, you can override this)