Test Runner for Open Source Conventions

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OpenSource Check ✅
A Test Runner for verifying Open Source conventions in JavaScript projects
Proudly built by:


This utility can currently only be used for JavaScript/Node projects.


This utility can be used as a temporary dependency, global dependency or a dev dependency.
Head over to the usage section below on how to set it up based on your preference.



The utility accepts the following parameters:
  • --path - to specify the path of your project directory (defaults to current working directory)
  • --org - to specify the npm organization namespace for your project

Usage as a temporary dependency

This is great option for taking this a quick spin!
npx @condenast/opensource-check --path <your-project-path>
npx @condenast/opensource-check --path ./glamorous
npx @condenast/opensource-check --path ./xml-to-react --org condenast

Usage as a global dependency

This is a good option if you plan to use this frequently but don't want it to be a part of your project setup.
npm install -g @condenast/opensource-check

opensource-check --path <your-project-path>
opensource-check --path ./glamorous
opensource-check --path ./xml-to-react --org condenast

Usage as a dev dependency

This is a wonderful option if you plan to use this as part of your project workflow including using in CI environment.
npm install -D @condenast/opensource-check

npx @condenast/opensource-check --path <your-project-path>
npx @condenast/opensource-check --path ./glamorous
npx @condenast/opensource-check --path ./xml-to-react --org condenast


This is a sample screenshot of running this utlility:


The current checklist of things that are verified by the utility on every run:


  • Has a README
- Has a Title - Has an Install section - Has a Usage section
  • Has a License
  • Has a Code of Conduct
  • Has Contributing Guidelines
  • Has an Issue template
  • Has a Pull Request template
  • Has a Changelog
  • Has Examples


  • Has a package.json
- Has org namespace, if applicable - Has a version - Has a description - Has a main or bin - Has a link to git repository - Has contributors - Has a license
  • Has a .gitignore
  • Has a linter
  • Has a test runner


These documents are provided under the boilerplate directory for use by any project:
  1. LICENSE.md - Apache 2.0
  2. CODEOFCONDUCT.md - Contributor Covenant v1.4
  3. CONTRIBUTING.md - (inspired from Atom and Rails)
  6. README.md

Projects that Checked-Out!

This is a list of projects that pass the Open Source Checks:


We were inspired by the ideas and code of the following projects:


See the list of contributors who participated in writing this tool.