a cli tool to compresses jpeg encoded files using google guetzli

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Compresses JPG files using google's guetzli algorithm.


$ npm i -g @crazyfactory/jpeg-compression-cli


jpeg-compression-cli allow you to convert your images within a current directory, recursively or not. It will overwrite your files with the compressed version
After installation, just run command jpgc in ternimal.
To convert all images within the current directory and subdirectoies, use the -r flag
$ jpgc -r
To choose a different folder provide it with -p flag
$ jpgc -p /var/my-images
To convert the specific image files (assets/img.jpg in this example), you may run the following command.
$ jpgc -f assets/img.jpg
$ jpgc -f assets/img1.jpg,assets/img2.png
Change the parallel number of operations by using the -c flag
$ jpgc -c 2
for more help infomation, you could run the -h flag to check it out.
$ jpgc -h


Copyright (c) 2017 Wolf T. Mathes for Crazy Factory Trading Co. Ltd.
Licensed under the MIT license.
See LICENSE for more info.