Accessible React package to do growl feedback

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The React Growl Notifications module used in Crystallize PIM. This is a generic React package initially built for the React boilerplates powered by Headless Ecommerce.
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yarn add @crystallize/react-growl styled-components framer-motion

npm install @crystallize/react-growl styled-components framer-motion

The module requires two peer dependencies which are used in Crystallize PIM, styled-components and framer-motion


In Layout or somewhere outside the route definition:

import { GrowlScene } from '@crystallize/react-growl';

    <GrowlScene />
    <MyApp />

Call it!

import { growl } from '@crystallize/react-growl';

// Regular
const myGrowl = await growl({
    title: 'Good job',
    message: 'You got this growl to work!'

// With JSX and a type
const myGrowl = await growl({
    title: 'Title goes here',
    message: <b>Hey, I can use JSX!</b>,
    type: 'error'

// Sticky, user cannot close it
const myGrowl = await growl({
    title: "I'm sticky",
    message: 'You just try to remove me!',
    sticky: true

// Custom timeout
const myGrowl = await growl({
    title: "I'll go away quickly",
    message: 'It will only be in your life for 2 seconds',
    timeout: 2000

Growl props

| Prop name | Type | Default | Description | | --------- | ------- | --------------------------- | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | type | string | info | The type of growl. One of "info", "warning" or "error" | | timeout | number | (inherited from GrowlScene) | Set a custom timeout (in milliseconds) for the growl instance | | title | string | null | The title | | message | string | null | The message | | sticky | boolean | false | If the growl should "stick" to the screen and hide the close button and not auto close |

Growl instance

When you call growl, you can await the growl instance. On the instance you have the following methods available


    type: 'warning',
    title: 'New title',
    message: <div>New message</div>,
    sticky: true

Takes the same arguments as growl(). Updates the growl in-place.



Hide the growl manually, because it is a static growl, or because you do not want to wait for the auto timeout.

GrowlScene props

| Prop name | Type | Default | | -------------- | --------- | ------- | | growlComponent | Component | null | | defaultTimeout | number | 7000 |
Whatever other props you pass will be forwarded along to the underlying UL